Not a long time has passed till I realized that my true inspiration is in photographer. It has been a talent that day by day I would put thousands of feelings in one photo. By reaching many people through a photo it would take a blind mind not to realize that with each photo you may reach a hurt person and make him feel better.


Ever wondered why you feel so creative while expressing yourself through comics. It has been that way to me for a while, I had the ability to say things through comics that i could express and say in real life.


Through diving it gave me a passion to dive deeper and deeper into life, the truth is that it gave me a headstart to dig deeper into my dreams. Having some rocks while driving are like life's traps, but the better you learn to dive and prevent your crushing into the gousebumps of life, the more you have the ability to resist and to get up and move forward.


When it comes to sports, I have been in love with sports for a while now. And just like how they say, that your body is a temple, you should learn to love and give it the respect it deserves. Through sports I got to know my true self and to improve myself to the better.